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Veterinary portable ultrasound 

Application direction: Pig/Sheep/Dog/Cat


• 5.7-inch ultra-clear LCD screen.
• Video playback function:the last test video could be played and observed. convenient for one person to operate and record videos.
• Probe preheating function. do not need to worry about probe freeze in winter.
• Ten colors are adjustable to observe diseases more clearly.
• Chinese and English can be changed at will.
• Grid ruler. quickly read out the size of the measurement target. 
• Fully waterproof probe.
• Support multi-language customization.
• Major Functions: Test Pregnancy. numbers of births. uterine disease.


1. Display: 5.7-inch high resolution display;

2. Scanning mode: 3.5m mechanical fan scanning;

3. Video playback: 256 frames, playback image after detection, convenient for single person video recording;

4. Preheat function: one button preheat function in winter, no need to worry about the probe freezing;

5. 10 kinds of color adjustable;

6. Four section frequency conversion: 2.0MHZ, 2.5MHz, 3.5MHz, 5.0mhz;

7. Grid: 0, 1, 2 three modes (point grid, mesh grid), point adjustable distance, easy to quickly read the measurement target size;

8. Routine measurement: distance, perimeter, area, volume and angle;

9. Ergonomic handle design, small radian, more comfortable to hold;

10. Operation interface: through up and down keys to select parameters, left and right keys to adjust size, macro layout, humanized design, easier to operate;

11. Storage: 127 pictures can be stored permanently;

12. Dynamic range: 0-135db;

13. Frame correlation: 0-15 step by step;

14. The maximum display depth is 270mm;:

15. Interface: USB interface, video output interface, power interface, probe interface;

16. Gain range: 0-100db;

17. Near field adjustment range: - 31 ~ 0;

18. Far-field adjustment range: 0 ~ 31;

19. character brightness 0-255 can be adjusted step by step; character color 16 kinds can be adjusted

20. Energy saving setting: 0-120 minutes can be adjusted step by step, set the number of minutes in the specified time without operation, automatic power off;

21. With time and date, key tone switch, standby protection, multi-language selection, etc;

22. Large capacity lithium battery, imported 18650 standard cells, can work for about 5 hours;

23. Host size: 245x130x44mm (length x width x height);

24. Main engine weight: 720g;

The intended uses of portable ultrasound in livestock:

1. Reproductive assessment: Ultrasound is often used to assess the reproductive health and status of livestock animals. It can help determine pregnancy, monitor fetal development, detect abnormalities, and evaluate reproductive organs such as ovaries and uterus.

2. Estrus detection: Ultrasound can aid in detecting the onset of estrus (heat) in females, assisting with timing for artificial insemination or natural breeding.

3. Fertility assessment: Ultrasound can be used to evaluate the reproductive capacity and fertility of breeding animals, including assessing sperm quality and quantity in males.

4. Diagnosis of reproductive disorders: Ultrasound imaging can help diagnose and monitor reproductive disorders such as cysts, tumors, infections, and abnormalities in the reproductive tract.

5. Body condition assessment: Ultrasound can assist in assessing the body condition of livestock animals by evaluating the distribution of body fat, muscle thickness, and overall health.

6. Assessment of meat quality: In some cases, ultrasound is used to evaluate the muscle depth and marbling within meat-producing animals to predict meat quality characteristics.

7. Diagnosis of health conditions: Ultrasound can be utilized to detect and evaluate various health conditions in livestock, such as pregnancies in different stages, internal injuries, abscesses, tumors, or other abnormalities.

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