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B/W Veterinary laptop ultrasound 

Application direction: Pig/Sheep/Dog/Cat


  1. Windows embedded operation;

  2. 12 inch HD LCD monitor;

  3. Display model: B/2B/4B/M/PW;

  4. Thin and light notebook design;

  5. THI (Tissue Harmonic Imaging);

  6. Built-in 60GB SSD;

  7. Large capacity rechargeable battery;

  8. Optional 3D imaging ;

  9. Adaptive image optimization processing technology;

  10. Automatic IMT measurement and display results;

  11. Two Active Probe Interface;

  12. Language:Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French,German.


  1. Physical specification

  2. Dimension: 308mm L x 310mm W x 66mm H

  3. Net Weight 4 Kg

  4. Monitor 12inch LED

  5. Resolution: 1024*768

  6. Probe ports: 2-probe active ports

  7. Harddisk:120G SSD

  8. Imaging Modes: B B&M 2B 4B, THI, PW,

  9. Gary scale: 256

  10. Dynamic range 80-280dB

  11. Gain control total gain 8–slice TGC

  12. Scanning depth 400mm max

  13. Acoustic power 3 levels adjustable real-time display MI/TI Zoom 10*magnify

  14. Cine-loop 200-2000 frames max auto/manually play back

  15. MeasurementGeneral measurement Depth, Distance, Trace Length, Ratio (D), Area: Ellipse, TraceVolume: 3-Distance, Ellipse, EDist

  16. M mode: Distance, time, slope, Heart Rate

  17. Clinical measurement package: Abdomen, OB, Gynecology, Cardiac, Urology, Small Parts

  18. Language supported

  19. Chinese, English, Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese, Germany

  20. Standard configuration features

  21. Peripheral ports: VGA, 2 USB ports, HDMI port, DICOM port, LINE OUT port Electrical Power supply: 100-240V~50/60Hz 100VA

  22. Li-lion battery 3.2Ah

  23. Video & PC printer (Optional)

The intended uses of laptop ultrasound in livestock:

1. Pregnancy Diagnosis: Laptop ultrasounds can be used to determine if a female animal, such as a cow or sow, is pregnant. This is helpful for monitoring reproductive health and managing breeding programs.

2. Fetal Monitoring: Laptop ultrasounds enable veterinarians to monitor the health and development of fetuses in pregnant animals. This allows for early identification of any potential issues or complications.

3. Reproductive Health Evaluation: Laptop ultrasound devices can be utilized to evaluate the reproductive health of livestock, including assessing the condition of reproductive organs, detecting abnormalities, and diagnosing reproductive disorders.

4. Estrus Detection: By using laptop ultrasounds, farmers and veterinarians can detect the signs of estrus (heat) in female animals, which is crucial for managing breeding and artificial insemination programs.

5. Assessment of Reproductive Performance: Laptop ultrasound systems allow for the evaluation of reproductive performance in livestock, including monitoring the number and quality of eggs or embryos produced, assessing fertility rates, and identifying potential issues affecting reproductive efficiency.

6. Monitoring of Ovarian Activity: Laptop ultrasounds can assist in monitoring ovarian activity and assessing the reproductive cycle in female animals, which helps in the timing of breeding, artificial insemination, and other reproductive interventions.

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