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B/W Veterinary laptop ultrasound 

Application direction: Pig/Sheep/Dog/Cat


  1. 15 inches LCD display zone for large image size, with high quality.

  2. Probe interface: dual probe interface, with automatic identification function

  3. Arm platform, fast computing. HD imaging.

  4. Abundant probe sets, suitable for different parts

  5. Battery capacity: independent battery compartment/removable lithium battery/5200mAh

  6. Four encoders, knob design, quick and convenient operation

  7. Support multi-language switching

  8. Movie playback: 256 frames, can be played back frame by frame and pause playback, pause playback can be used for image preservation and measurement

  9. Measurement: professional measurement software

  10. Host size: 360mm (L) x 355mm (W) x 65mm(H)


1. Display: 15 inch LED screen;

2. Probe Interface:Dual probe interface, with automatic identification function

3. Battery Capacity :removable lithium battery /6000 mAh

4. Display mode: B, B + B, 4b, B + m, m;

5. Four encoders, knob design, quick and convenient operation                                                

6. Simple operation interface, easy to understand, ready to use

7. Movie playback: 256 frames, can be played back frame by frame and pause playback, pause playback can be used for image preservation and measurement             

8. Language:Chinese/English/ Spanish/ Portuguese/ Russian/ French

9. Electron focusing: four stage electron focusing;

10. There were more than 18 body position markers;

11. Frequency conversion: All probes support five-stage frequency conversion;

12. Image mirror: upper and lower mirror, left and right mirror, black and white flip;

13. Measurement: Professional software measurement package;

14. Character display: date, clock, name, gender, age, doctor, hospital, comment (full-screen character editing); 

15. Gain range: 0-135db;

16. Interface: video interface, two USB interface, DICOM interface, VGA interface, power interface 

17. Permanent storage: 16G built-in storage, can also be connected to external U disk storage

18. Grey scale: level 256

19. Dynamic range: 0-135db;

20. With the function of puncture guidance, puncture line position can be adjusted

21. With the function of rock positioning and dynamic target tracking   

22. Front process: variable aperture, dynamic trace change, dynamic digital filtering, etc

23. After the process: 8 kinds of γ correction, line correlation, 16 level frame correlation, point and line correlation, linear interpolation, digital spatio-temporal filtering, digital edge enhancement, 8 kinds of false color processing, etc 

24. Blind area: ≤4

25. Maximum display depth :300mm

26. Geometric accuracy: transverse ≤5%, longitudinal ≤5%

27. Resolution: lateral ≤2mm, axial ≤1mm

28. Display magnification: 16 display modes;  Lesion diagnosis is more accurate. 

Enhanced depth display.

29. Host size: 360mm(L)*355mm(W)*65mm(H)

The intended uses of laptop ultrasound in livestock:

1. Pregnancy Diagnosis: Laptop ultrasounds can be used to determine if a female animal, such as a cow or sow, is pregnant. This is helpful for monitoring reproductive health and managing breeding programs.

2. Fetal Monitoring: Laptop ultrasounds enable veterinarians to monitor the health and development of fetuses in pregnant animals. This allows for early identification of any potential issues or complications.

3. Reproductive Health Evaluation: Laptop ultrasound devices can be utilized to evaluate the reproductive health of livestock, including assessing the condition of reproductive organs, detecting abnormalities, and diagnosing reproductive disorders.

4. Estrus Detection: By using laptop ultrasounds, farmers and veterinarians can detect the signs of estrus (heat) in female animals, which is crucial for managing breeding and artificial insemination programs.

5. Assessment of Reproductive Performance: Laptop ultrasound systems allow for the evaluation of reproductive performance in livestock, including monitoring the number and quality of eggs or embryos produced, assessing fertility rates, and identifying potential issues affecting reproductive efficiency.

6. Monitoring of Ovarian Activity: Laptop ultrasounds can assist in monitoring ovarian activity and assessing the reproductive cycle in female animals, which helps in the timing of breeding, artificial insemination, and other reproductive interventions.

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